BREAKING: Legal Action After Release of “Dangerous Criminal Aliens” in Florida | Facts Matter

The Oregon Department of Education has recommend a toolkit to all of its middle school teachers, in order to make math less racist.

Over the weekend, major cities on the west coast (such as Los Angeles, Portland, and Seattle) had riots and violence demonstrations break out on the city streets.

Down in Florida, the attorney general is suing the Biden Administration for what she is calling “egregious” immigration regulations – Which (according to her) actually go against federal law.


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Teacher Training Program to ‘Dismantle Racism in Mathematics’ Promoted By Oregon | Facts Matter
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35 thoughts on “BREAKING: Legal Action After Release of “Dangerous Criminal Aliens” in Florida | Facts Matter

  1. Do you think that this "anti-racist programming" in schools is a good idea? Or will it cause an entire generation to not get properly educated? 🤔
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  2. I think you'll find that the USMC tweets and responses were orchestrated by a woke PR department. Whilst both men and women in the marines will certainly respect all their colleagues of either sex who earn that respect, very few of them are easily-offended snowflakes!

  3. Biden believes in government overreach and infringement period look back at his poor behavior as Vice President …. we wonder who’s going to stop 🛑 him and his friends ?… will one of the irredeemable Deplorable’s take him on… remember the old saying TALK IS CHEAP… ACTIONS SPEAK LOUDER THAN WORDS…STAY ALERT 🚨AT ALL TIMES ….

    🇺🇸 SAFETY FIRST….just keeping it real

  4. 8:53 So objectivity is a BAD thing???
    Then, by association, reality itself must be a bad thing.
    No wonder these folks live in make believe bubbles, that require safe spaces lest that bubble be burst by the rocks of reality.

  5. I would be very interested to see the outcome of these decision makers if they were underpaid – Would that be a problem? Would there be an alternative solution?

  6. Put a boarder around Florida, seems like everyone moving Florida and other red states , In lightning speed , crazy days ahead, I wouldn’t be surprised Texas does keep illegal aliens out, non vetted people from out countries . USA we know who we are lil crazy but we have hearts and jump in save others ,not near as racist as the news portrays. It’s a press thing. We need teach our children values, morals and our history as it’s becoming distorted by the crazy sites/God bless all 🇺🇸🙏 thx u all vets for your service and boarder patrol.

  7. Teachers who agree to this hypocrisy are dumber than their students. May God help our children and give them God-fearing, truth-loving instructors who care more about integrity than money and racism.

  8. Wow our country really is going down the rabbit hole quickly into Alice in wonderland fantasy how in God's name is math not a right or wrong answer and how the hell does it have anything to do with white supremacy what a bunch of crazies father God please please intervene in our country and get our country back under control of logic and reason and just plain old fashioned common sense

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