Alpha Jack Murphy LOSES IT when its exposed that he lets other men bang his wife.

They value women only for looks, surprised when they have no character. @FreshandFit vs Asian Doll

Dating preference or Rahcism? Fresh & Fraud cant stop exposing themselves.

SIMP BECOMES 3RD WHEEL on his ex's date with her new man.

ANOTHER LOCKDOWN… How much more? We’re taking some time off

SHE DESTROYED EVERYTHING when he caught her cheating.

KAREN THROWS SOUP in employee’s face. You wont believe what karen's job is.

"TRIGGER WARNINGS DO NOT WORK & are actually harmful" – Study Shows

16 YEARS IN JAIL for something he didnt do. He got exonerated & now she's "sorry"… Kinda.

OH LAWD… He caught her cheating & she dont care.

DMs EXPOSED! IG models are getting $$$. Camels, hummus & murda are involved | Pt. 2

POR FAVOR… Gringos drove through rural Mexico & met the Cartel.

THIS IS SICK. Even men desperately want to be victims. | @Danny Duncan

@Tim Pool DESTROYS @FreshandFit to their face over copyright strikes.

OH LAWDDD. Simp brings his ex to his new date.

My date forced me into the bushes. | Aba & Preach Anime

WE'RE GOING TO HELL. Japanese try to say English words.

SHE CALLED US OUT | "Jokes lead to violence" @Samantha Lux vs Dave Chappelle

Aba exposes @LongBeachGriffy

HASAN PIKER IS BANNED for using slurs against whites. He says its ok.

He isn't black enough…

"WE'RE JUST VIBING, I hate labels" Nahh yall hate responsibility.

KAREN BERATES VETERAN for bringing a service dog at the restaurant… then pulls race card.

YOUTUBE RESPONDS… @FreshandFit have 7 days or…

@FreshandFit Sent us 20+ copyright notices trying to terminate our channel.

TIS JUSSIE IN CHICAGO TONIGHT. Smollett is found guilty!

He took her home. She took everything.

@FreshandFit are trying to delete smaller @YouTube channels via copyright censorship.

"MY KIDS CAN GET PLASTIC SURGERY" | We need normalize mediocre looks.

"I call my Black BF N**** & I love it"

Guy in a wheelchair got shot by cops | We disagree on the legality of it.

FEMALE? I prefer the term "people who can get pregnant"

HE'S SUING HER because she ghosted him.

Woman pushed onto subway track.

KAREN gets tipped, GOES NUTS


These whackjobs tried to cancel us.

Ahmaud Arbery got justice. THIS WAS VIGILANTISM, not Kyle Rittenhouse.

Her husband ADMITTED that he would remarry if she died. She wants a divorce now.

Vegans on Jubilee CALLED US OUT!

Fresh & Fit SIMPING FOR A SUGAR BABY? Say it aint so…

SHE PEED ON A FAN during a show


Kyle Rittenhouse verdict. NOT GUILTY

SNEAKERELLA… Are we the only ones sick of these lame black movies? Queen & Slim is terrible

ALPHA MALE dating coach lives in his mom's basement…


"White men are mediocre, cant believe they reject me" – Woman says tearfully.

LANA RHOADES explains how she risked her life to get her bum. NASTY.

Feminists invite males to compete against their female teams. Blame men for the result…