Sen. Kennedy left SPEECHLESS after witness at gun control hearing said THIS

How about 100 ways to grab deez nuts

MSNDC “journalist” claims Trump will “EXECUTE” his critics during UNHINGED rant

NY students are about to get RE-EDUCATED…💀💀💀

Want to hear a joke?

Psychopath wants to DELETE Trump: “He has to be ELIMINATED”

Ukraine gonna lose the war if we don’t send them MORE money to pay school teachers…wait, WHAT?

Sen. Mullin and union boss Mike O’Brien were THIS close to WRECK each other’s sh*t during hearing

We need ANOTHER FOUR YEARS to finish the job

This is a Biden-sponsored INVASION…literally

This is NEXT LEVEL gaslighting…

“Israel has one of the finest fighting forces in THE country”…huh?

We can CERTAINLY afford TWO WARS, amirite fellas?

HAHAHA…you CAN’T make this up

Biden takes credit for admitting MORE migrants SECONDS after blaming his opponents for BORDER CRISIS

The FLOODGATES are WIDE OPEN and they are NOT closing anytime soon…

the work the work the work

and they don’t stop coming and they don’t stop coming and they don’t stop coming

At this point, Biden’s got MORE origin stories than the Joker…WTF?

Oh, so NOW impeachments are a “WITCH HUNT”