Children Squeezed Body-to-Body in Illegal Immigrant Facility, Leaked Photos Show | Facts Matter

Newly leaked photos from migrant detention facilities have shed light on the terrible conditions that children are being kept in.

Over in Michigan, the owner of a pizzeria has just been arrested for defying the governorโ€™s pandemic orders. She said that those orders reminded her of the communist system she fled in Poland.

And as social media clamps down harder on free speech, a spokesperson for President Trump just announced that within the next 2-3 months, he will be launching his own social media platform.


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New Leaked Photos Show Children Packed in โ€˜Terrible Conditionsโ€™ in Border Facility | Facts Matter
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46 thoughts on “Children Squeezed Body-to-Body in Illegal Immigrant Facility, Leaked Photos Show | Facts Matter

  1. Do you agree with Biden that this migrant crises is Trump's fault? How would you rate Biden's response to it between 1-10? ๐Ÿค”
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  2. Here is the CCP with regards to 'health tracking'….. someone of importance needs a transplant and YOU just happen to be a genetic match. YOU are obducted, the organ taken and if you live ok, if you die your family imprisoned for life or killed to prevent you speaking…..

  3. at this point, it is very obvious that the mob has taken over America. so democracy is gone. if god exists, he delivered biden to you … do not try to reject the idea cause if he did not, he is so ever-powerful to run this in another course … so why not ask god the reason. if you get an answer, share. so does god want this and communisim to rule the world ? god helps those who help themselves. so i think one should act now. get America back.

  4. Yep! Everything, for the next four years, is going to be Trump's fault. They should have just kept him in DC . That way they could watch him a little easier to see what it is that he is doing that he can be blamed for next.
    Presently, President Trump can be blamed for causing tornados because he is swinging a golf club. The swing is causing the air to stir which, everyone knows, is the beginning of a tornado.
    Since he is being so callous about the protection of human life in this area, I can score him with an 8. I would have given a higher score if he had ordered the children be guarded by Special Forces Marines carrying assault rifles with orders two "shoot to kill" any escapees. But, hey, the guy slipped up on that one.
    Democrats can be heard to whistle when the wind blows past their heads.

  5. These children are being sold trafficked and used in ritual satanic abuse for the people in Washington and beyond. I pray that Trump comes back soon to save these precious babies!

  6. The way to stop the people sending unaccompanied children to cross the border would be to offer to return them to their parents in other countries. If the parents don't immediately want them back they should declare the children as wards of the state and mark their files as NOT being able to sponsor family members to migrate to the USA as that will reduce the incentive to to send the children to the USA by themselves.

  7. 1. The virus is the flu easily dealt with if you don't go to a hospital or doctor where they only want your money.
    2. The constitution says it is illegal for the lockdowns and making anyone take a vax without their consent.
    Get educated people! This whole thing is a fear and control mission to see just how far they can go! Do some research people before you are put in those burial boxes the Obama admin bought!

  8. Border surge didnโ€™t start until Biden took office, immigrants illegally crossing wearing Biden shirts, immigrants being interviewed saying they came after Biden took office…. but itโ€™s trumps fault… lol

  9. You should have thought about all of this before you elected Joe. Every action has a consequence. You elected an individual whoโ€™s son has 4 businesses with China, so why it is surprising that he shut down the oil pipeline? His family makes money when China makes money. He didnโ€™t have any solutions for anything, he just claimed to! He canโ€™t even get through a press conference without notes

  10. joe needs to be brought up on charges for doing this to these people and the AMERICAN TAX PAYERS '''''' ITS IN HUMANE THAT THIS IS HAPPENING to these people

  11. The "Biden-Harris" admin MUST be removed from office. They are operating a continuing criminal enterprise. They have to be indicted. This admin is in bed with the cartels.

  12. I thought only nuts put foil on… ๐Ÿค”Secretary Of Homeland Security and King Biden likes the immigrants like theirs medium…rare…and fully wrapped in foil and no ๐Ÿ˜ท or ๐Ÿ’‰๐Ÿ’‰๐Ÿ’‰

  13. Even the worst country on earth has a data base of who those children were born to! If they weren't finger printed or blood tested then Mexicans need to stop having children (period).

  14. Even the worst country on earth has a data base of who those children were born to! If they weren't finger printed or blood tested then Mexicans need to stop having children (period).

  15. All I want to know is when is the military going to step in and put a stop to this all of this seems to just be help for the news outlets don't the American people know that this is going to drive rent through the roof and overcrowd our shelters

  16. This government is not a democratic government, it's a marxist government. It was not appointed by the people, it was put in place by evil marxists.
    What they say and what they do are completely different. Essentially, they lie. They are all liars and hypocrites. Hypocrisy and deceit are indicators of evil.

  17. Knock this sh-t off idiots , stop enticing parents to abort their kids . The Parents of these kids should be charged with child abandonment . Please fine and imprison these bad parents . I am sure these kids are scared to death without their parents. Shame on You !

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