Confirmed: Hunter Biden is Officially Under Federal Investigation; Laptop Statement | Facts Matter

🚨 Hunter Biden just published a new book. He is currently on tour doing interviews to promote it – and during one of these interviews, he acknowledged that the infamous laptop could be his (although he said that it also might’ve been hacked by Russians).


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39 thoughts on “Confirmed: Hunter Biden is Officially Under Federal Investigation; Laptop Statement | Facts Matter

  1. Do you think that the Hunter investigation will yield any results? Do you have faith in our federal justice system? 🤔
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  2. If it's legal for parents to make decisions about permanent medical processes that change their children's gender then they should also have the legal right to make decisions at what age their children can begin having sex. Now I wonder how the leftist pushing the transgender changes for kids feel about that aspect as the current laws don't allow parents to decide that.

  3. I can see his confidence that at the end of the investigation, he will be cleared of any wrongdoing…
    In his mind, I'm sure he is cleared already.
    "Don't worry about a thing, son. Everything will be taken care of."
    "And now we have Air Force One back! What could be better?"

  4. And, of course, nothing will happen. Pelosi should be in prison, Creepy Joe admitted he threatened the Prosecutor in the Burisma scandal, now he’s the president. These people are immune from prosecution for crimes that the rest of us peons (or maybe “pee-ons”) would be in in prison for.

  5. He's totally protected now, under this regime. Just as the crimes of Daddy, Obama, Hillary, Bill, and so many other liberal democrats are protected now.

  6. nothing will come of it. Trump failed at draining the swamp it was and is still too big. The only way to beat them is with war because this will not stop. Hunter, America's newest sweetheart.

  7. He’s under federal investigation Ha. That means the FBI is investigating him. That should go pretty good since him and his dad and Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer owns the FBI bought and paid for!!

  8. NPR not wanting to waste listeners time. Hours per day spent on any so called minority or marginalized person crying about imagined microaggressions and the constant lecturing to listeners that if they look to another source for straight and honest truthful news or investigate for themselves they are conspiracy theorists.

  9. It does NOT MATTER. America lost faith in its own institutions…there will be accountability socialist democrats know it lame republicans know it tax payers know it.

  10. Twitter owns the company right and they can remove whoever they want right remember when the little lady had the bakery shop and two guys wanting her to bake them a cake well the court made her make them a cake or either shut her business down even though it was her business she still had to serve the people so what's the difference

  11. hunter was exposed years ago before the nominations, both hunter and the "big guy" were exposed as criminals should have been investigated and tried before the election, clear evidence that the government and legal system are completely compromised and cannot be trusted.

  12. this comes down to two genders….. and the questions ???
    1- Do you have a (male reproductive part) ?? yes, then you are a male…
    2- Do you have a (male reproductive part) ?? no, than you are a female
    END OF DISCUSSION……. see, …….that was all too easy…..and it makes sense.

  13. They have enough to convict Hunter Biden for false information on gun application is a felony they have his computer sex crimes and taking money from foreign countries for criminal purposes is treason, " come on man!" They don't need a probe! HE'S A CRIMINAL, ARREST HIM! If it was you or I we would already be in jail! No justice to put criminals that are democratics in jail for their crimes! This is a failure of our government and justice system!

  14. SMDH! Hunter was being investigated prior to the election! I posted the key Findings from the "ongoing" investigation from the website on election day. I didn't get a fact check believe it or not🤯🤯….Just had to deal with the wrath of my (few) democrat friends and family🙄! Hopefully, they'll realize they've been brain washed, sooner than later 🤞🙏✌❤🇺🇲

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