Elon Drops the FAFO Hammer | Schlichter, Chachas, Beattie w/ AMA | The Charlie Kirk Show LIVE

After dozens of liberal doxxing journalist and propagandists are temporarily suspended from Twitter, the meltdown from the usual suspects is, in a word, glorious. We explain exactly what happened. Kurt Schlichter joins to explain why he’s voting no confidence on Ronna McDaniel. John Chachas, Managing Partner of Methuselah Advisors, a private investment banking advisors and investment firm, demands the return of SBF’s blood money donation. Darren Beattie breaks down what the heck just happened at Twitter. Complete with AMA email your questions to Freedom@CharlieKirk.com. The Charlie Kirk Show is LIVE on Salem Radio stations across the country and simulcasting on Real America’s Voice.

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