‘Heavily Armed’ ANTIFA Rioters Stormed Oregon Capital; 3 Arrested; Communist Origins | Facts Matter

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‘Heavily Armed’ ANTIFA Rioters Stormed Oregon Capital; 3 Arrested; Communist Origins | Facts Matter
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31 thoughts on “‘Heavily Armed’ ANTIFA Rioters Stormed Oregon Capital; 3 Arrested; Communist Origins | Facts Matter

  1. Do you think Baltimore is right to not prosecute "lower level" crimes? Will this have a positive effect for the city? πŸ€”
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  2. What a perfect retort by the Governor of Georgia ,the reason the Dems and the person sitting in the Oval office doesn't like it because it prevents them from cheating now ATIFA Γ¬s the para- military wing of the Democratic Party it's very similar to the Brown Shirts in Nazi Germany

  3. so how is trespass not a violent crime when the reason for trespass usually involves some kind of violence, starting with theft? being led by the blind never ends well

  4. So this leaves the citizens to have to subject themselves to conflict if they want to enforce trespassing and other lower crimes that keep the public safe from day to day.

  5. Regarding the tax per mile plan, Seattle has been working towards this for 20 years. Cars have already been fitted with GPS devices for "toll passes", and their goal has been to mandate them on all cars. No thank you!

  6. That’s right, none of those people commit crimes! I watched a video that said the opposite. It talks about the repeat crimes these people commit. If you doubt it watch β€œ Seattle is Dying”, damn Portland why don’t you give them a BJ while you’re at it! The poor people of your state and city!

  7. Low level crimes have a major effect, Prostitution, Drugs really drug dealing, and trespassing all cause property, business owners to loss income.

    Once that is widely known to those whom commit these low level crime it will Become open house on the property, and business owners whom will become captive by default and unwilling salves on their own property.

  8. And black lives matter stormed the capital in Oklahoma was anybody from antifa or anybody from blacklivesmatter held responsible for interrupting the capital no they need to be the FBI the CIA me to round up every single person enter either one of those capital buildings and they need to be arrested in charge and held in prison like the other ones from January 6th they all need to be held responsible get on it CIA get on it FBI get on it homeless charity

  9. We need to stop allowing members of the judicial branch change or make the laws. It is not their place. All crimes should be addressed. If you don’t like that, join congress and change the law. Otherwise, follow through with the commitment you made when you got the job.

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