LEAKED ALL HANDS CALL: PR Firm celebrates efforts to remove Trump from Colorado ballot

“Let’s Save Democracy.” Project Veritas has obtained a leaked February 9th, 2024 company call from within NYC PR firm, Berlin Rosen, as they celebrate their efforts to “recast the narrative” on behalf of client CREW (Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington) – as it pursues a controversial legal effort to remove Republican front runner, Donald Trump, from the presidential ballot in Colorado.

CREW found the plaintiffs who brought the current case in Colorado and funded the lawsuit. In recent weeks, CREW hired Berlin Rosen, progressive PR machine, to reframe their work in the minds of the courts and the American public in the weeks leading up to its February 8th oral arguments before the Supreme Court.

Thanks to a brave insider, the public can now witness the innerworkings of the progressive machine that combines legal strategy, powerful donors, social media campaigns, and wealthy PR firms who attempt to convince the public, and themselves, that their work to keep Donald Trump off the ballot is saving democracy.

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