RETRACTO 353 & 354: Independent & Kansas City Star retract false statements on #ExposeFauci report

James O'Keefe & Fox News' Maria Bartiromo discuss #ExposeFauci docs and new book American Muckraker

Project Veritas is still on the case #ExposeFauci

The Project Veritas Whistleblower Luncheon & Discussion Panel – January 29th Miami, Florida

CANDACE: Marine Corps Major at DARPA statement to Project Veritas was deeply moving

WAR ROOM: O'Keefe joins Bannon to discuss Veritas #ExposeFauci Bombshell

“The implications here exceed those of the Pentagon Papers." -Dr. Malone on #ExposeFauci by Veritas

Sen. Roger Marshall Demands Dr. Fauci Release All Gain of Function Records After Veritas Bombshell

Military Documents about Gain of Function contradict Fauci testimony under oath #ExposeFauci

TOMORROW – 8PM – #ExposeFauci

Victor Davis Hanson Calls Out Irony of FBI Raids on Project Veritas & leaks to The New York Times

CNN stays SILENT: Cooper, Blitzer & Tapper refuse comment on disgraced former producer Rick Saleeby

RETRACTO 352: Charlottesville Weekly DELETES article claiming Veritas publishes “misinformation”

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Charlie Kirk and O'Keefe discuss never before heard details about the FBI raid on Project Veritas

RETRACTO 351: Politico's Sam Stein forced to DELETE tweet claiming Veritas Extorted Joe Biden

FOX NEWS MEDIA BUZZ: Tapper Producer Rick Saleeby Resigns From CNN Following Veritas Reporting

2021 was HISTORIC… now get ready for 2022 🇺🇸

You know what is dangerous NYT? When the FBI raids our journalists homes and takes their shit.

Join Us at the party of the century as we celebrate James O’Keefe’s new book American Muckraker!

Veritas Journalists Confront CNN Reporters Over Network’s Silence on Tapper Producer Rick Saleeby

CNN Producer Rick Saleeby Refuses Comment When Questioned on Employment Status by Veritas Journalist

New York Times Editor Dean Baquet responds to NY Court Ruling calling NYT ‘Hit and Run’ Journalism

FOX AND FRIENDS: NYT Battles Project Veritas in Court

Part II: "Words of Encouragement" with James O'Keefe – Project Veritas Experience Edition

ZUCKER SILENT: CNN Top Boss Still Refusing to Address Tapper Producer Rick Saleeby

James O'Keefe meets Joseph Bondarenko – 10 Year Gulag Survivor

Twitter Removes video of CNN/Tapper Producer Rick Saleeby fantasizing about fiancé’s minor daughter

U.S. Anti-corruption Campaign Triggers CCP Infighting | CLear Perspective

“ExToRtIoN” aka Request for Comment

Source Shows Video and Texts of CNN Producer Fantasizing About Sex Acts with Fiancé’s Young Daughter

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Tornadoes Leave Trail of Devastation; Navy Commander Reassigned Over Vax Mandate | NTD News

NY Supreme Court Justice ‘Both The New York Times And Project Veritas Are Media Organizations'

James O’Keefe reads the preface of his new book American Muckraker – Preorder now!

Federal Judge Orders Special Master Over FBI Seizing O'Keefe Phones, Cites “Journalistic Privilege”

What James O’Keefe found at a “Rise and Resist” Protest outside NYYR Gala

James O'Keefe Responds to New Twitter Policy

NEVER SEEN BEFORE: CNN's Charlie Chester on "conflict of interest" between Cuomo brothers

RETRACTO 350: New York Daily News' Rocco Parascandola forced to RETRACT claim of ‘false reports’

Insider Leaks CBS Affiliate Exec Don Smith email with ‘hoax’ claim over Veritas voter fraud story

James O’Keefe discusses NYT case with Columbia Journalism Professor

O’Keefe Dissects NYT Inadvertent Error Excuse for Publishing of Veritas Attorney Privileged Docs

FOX NEWS MISS OF THE WEEK: DOJ/FBI raids Project Veritas

FOX NEWS: Media Outlets Call Out FBI's Project Veritas Raid

Madison Cawthorn Delivers SCATHING remarks toward Speaker Pelosi on Project Veritas FBI Raids

CBS Insider Brett Mauser EXPOSES Internal Training ‘Stop Thinking in Terms of Objective Journalism’

Mark Levin on FBI Raids of Project Veritas: 'It's a disgrace!"

Dan Bongino Discusses New York Times Article About Project Veritas

TUCKER & DHILLON: DOJ blew ‘fed. law, constitution, and civil rights’ ‘Deepest level of corruption’