New Law: Illegal Immigrants will Receive Up To $15,600 if They Lost Wages | Facts Matter

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At the southern border, experts are warning that Illegal Immigrants and cartels are โ€˜rentingโ€™ children in order to cross the border. Meanwhile, New York has announced that it will give up to $15,600 to undocumented migrants who lost wages.


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00:00 – Intro
00:41 – Pennsylvania Rolls
02:52 – Infrastructure Proposal
06:32 – Texas New Bill
07:28 – Texas Prosecutions
08:32 – Texas Passports
10:50 – Renting Children
14:07 – New York Fund
15:45 – Honest Journalism
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Experts Warn That Illegal Immigrants Are โ€˜Rentingโ€™ Kids to Cross the Border | Facts Matter
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22 thoughts on “New Law: Illegal Immigrants will Receive Up To $15,600 if They Lost Wages | Facts Matter

  1. I believe it's a ruse. I think these leftist Liberals are going to keep the money for themselves. How can we keep record of what illegals are getting the money. You have no papers so how do they know? It's the same as giving trillions of dollars to insurances that were supposedly falsely sued. It's their own businesses. Their going to bankrupt the US citizens.

  2. That means our 2020 election in Penn was WRONG!! Stolen by the DeMonRats. NOT ACCEPTABLE!! The WiFi is to bring in the ignition to 5G that will combine with the vaccine and cause horrible consequences to humans who took the vaccine.

  3. I thought Liberals and Socialists are into WOMEN RIGHTS… and yet, they let those "self-identify" MEN into a women faculty? CHOOSE A SIDE people!! You either fight for women's right or you fight for trans or so called self identifies. There are no limitation to stupidness in the Democratic Party…

  4. Hard to decide like or dislike. The stories are disturbing. Deserving dislike. Your reporting and straightforward style I love. You just told me the answer. Click like to support your reporting. Thank you

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