New Video Reveals Truth Behind Columbus Police Shooting | Facts Matter

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New Video Shows Columbus Police Shooting of Knife-Wielding Teenager | Facts Matter
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29 thoughts on “New Video Reveals Truth Behind Columbus Police Shooting | Facts Matter

  1. Do you think this Columbus police officer was correct to pull the trigger? Was there a different alternate option? 🤔
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  2. Well… here in Holland about everybody are smocking marijuana, bur we don't have so sort of problems
    That's a part of culture, everybody knows how and where, and when, and how to use it…

  3. I didn't know you lived in NYC Roman. I'm in NYC as well and seriously hate it here now! We need a new Mayor ASAP! Where is Juliani when we need him. I had the same problem in the Subway btw where a deranged guy came up to me mumbling some BS but I had my headphones on and just ignored him and he went away.

  4. I was laughing 😆 so hard when you described your NY experience. Thanks for the report. Sad it is true! My husband and I love your show. Thanks for being an old school reporter!

  5. So Valerie Jarrett doesn't think it's inappropriate for the police to stop a "knife fight"? But I thought a knife fight was when both parties had knives and were fighting each other while using them. You know what we call a person attacking another (unarmed) person with a knife? Attempted Murder – so the Police officer prevented a murder!

  6. It is unfortunate that some black people believe, as did Michael Brown that you can fight with and take weapons from police. I do believe that any citizen must obey the officers commands and too many black people disregard police lawful orders and attack the police. The data shows that many more white people that are killed by police are unarmed. To disregard lawful orders of police or attack them is stupid and dangerous. It is also noteworthy that too many black leaders jump in with both feet to condemn the police and change the details of what actually took place. As Michelle Obama aka Michael Robinson once said: We need to change our history. Remember??

  7. Yes. He shot in the defense of another person. In the current political environment and with the current political unrest about the perceived 'racist cops shooting black folks' (which is false), he was in a now win situation. if he waited, they would say he let the girl get stabbed, possibly killed. If he shoots, he 'murdered' a black girl for no reason. I say he acted with honor and courage and did the right thing.

  8. Truth has always been opposed by those who benefit from it's suppression. Thank you for furthering truth and honesty. My father's father had his farm confiscated in Russia along with many others. As a result many people starved in the years that followed. We don't need to have that happen to children in the United States or anywhere else. Keep up the good work and we will support you as much as we can.

  9. I would like to subscribe to Epoch TV but want to watch it on my TV. Do you have Chromecast capability? I watch you now on You Tube, because they have the Chromecast symbol, as many others do. If you don't, will you in the near future? I spend too much time as it is at this computer and on my phone and if I pay for it, I would like to watch all of it, in comfort, in front of my TV. You are the best and I'm so disappointed that You Tube has all but cancelled you, so I get bits and pieces between You Tube and through my email. Anyway, if you don't, I'd appreciate if you'd consider it.

  10. I say give them what they want. Stop policing their communities. Let them be overrun with evening joggers and finally get the leftist utopia they asked for. Better to let them burn it down all at once than drag all the rest of us through it with them over the course of a decade.

  11. And that is why so many people from New York and California are moving to the mountains of North Carolina also known as Asheville North Carolina and even though they have called us hillbillies for so long we still welcome them to our city. They are amazed when they get here and find out how friendly and kind we are and how intelligent most of the people here are some are still racist and stupid in their beliefs but most of us I would say 99% are intelligent functioning people that don't do drugs we have jobs we or we or retired or we have families that we take care of on a daily basis I've even home schooled are one of my nephews but he know it is ironic to think that someone would want to live amongst a bunch of hillbillies

  12. Roman, have you, and the Epoch Times team considered moving to NC? I know we're not as glamorous as NY, but we're a MUCH safer place to live.

    And depending on where you settle, we're up to 10x cheaper then NY. Shoot. In my area, the most you'd pay in rent is $1200 a month. And that includes four bedrooms, two stories, a garage, and a full yard. Heck. I live in a trailer park for only $200 a month. It's not amazing, but it's safe and we look out for each other. Wish I could still say the same about NY.

    Did I mention NC is a swing state that's pro-gun?

  13. If you could please send me how I can subscribe to The Epoch Times that would be By the way I do not send anything over the Internet as far as Credit debit or check information I like to do it in the form of mail. My account got compromised Once before and I don't want it to happen again. But I agree with everything you have said you're a very intelligent and very articulate. Thank you so much for sharing this news with us.

  14. I've said it before and I will say it again, this officer was in a lose-lose situation if he had done nothing, the other girl would have been injured at the very least and most probably died from knife wounds, and the officer would have been charged with dereliction of duty… the only way he could have an outcome without punitive response would have been if the knife had been held by a white girl.

  15. So, that's living 'the American dream' for New Yorkers and .way more Americans.
    One group are drug users, drug dealers, homeless ppl, grazy ppl (pooping on the streets and doesn't even care that everyone passing by can see him doing that) hookers, smoking and sleeping in trains ppl and aggressive ppl whom don't respect police/the law at all and the other group (the normal and hard working ppl) must hear, see, smell all that shit (and poop) every day.
    What a dream to live in 🇺🇸.
    Glad that I was born and still are living here, in my hometown in the very Western Europe. I never saw drug users/dealers or homeless ppl etc.
    Sorry for all the good, normal and working ppl whom are so sick and tired of all the shit what's happening in the USA every day. (Riots/Antifa/BLM and other idiots)
    USA is doomed since Trump's votes were stolen in the 2020 election and now with CCP friend Biden as your President, whom has (early) Dementia, it is going to be worse. Dems are Narcissistic rulers, whom don't care about you, the ppl in the USA and the state of your State (like Texas for example) They simply don't care!!
    Have a 👍 day.

  16. Since when is a knife-wielding assassin attacking unarmed others considered a "knife fight"? The justifications from leftists have been unreal. But what isn't unreal these days?

  17. @12:55 What pure rubbish from the House Speaker here. She doesn't deserve to sit in Congress, no less as it's speaker if she wishes to portray the Citizens of DC as not being represented, or not being able to vote! Pure RUBBISH. The 23rd Amendment to the U.S. Constitution give each citizen the right to vote in elections. And, since DC is under the jurisdiction of Congress itself, then citizens of DC have the most representatives of any citizen in any other State in our nation! She, as House Speaker, sits as the effective chief representative, with EVERY SINGLE MEMBER OF CONGRESS also being the body of representatives for that plot of land. The "mayor" is the equivalent of Governor, in essence, since the city is complete, and AUTONOMOUS (doesn't fall under any other State's government). For her to advocate DC is not represented or fighting to voting rights or for there has been 220 years of "injustice" is pure BS, and is only her telling you she is an incompetent representative herself (for them)! That is some can of smelly stuff she is selling here!

  18. Very cool that you ride a motorcycle. You seem mild mannered here but you are always a cool guy on the streets. Wish we could ride together but I wont go to NY. Come to the south for a ride.

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