Newly Released Phone Records Expose Fake Washington Post Story, Forces Correction | Facts Matter

2 months ago, the Washington Post published a story (based on a single anonymous source) which claimed that President Trump pressured a Georgia investigator over the phone. However, after the phone recordings were revealed, they had to issue a massive correction – as none of the quotes were true.

Meanwhile, over in Iowa, a Republican lawmaker who won her seat back in 2020 is now facing efforts from the Democrats in Congress to unseat her.


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New: Released Phone Record Exposes Fake Quotes, Washington Post Issues Correction | Facts Matter
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44 thoughts on “Newly Released Phone Records Expose Fake Washington Post Story, Forces Correction | Facts Matter

  1. Do you think that this mistake at the Washington Post was made in good faith? And do you trust them more no that they've issued a correction? 🤔
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  2. Why did Trump have to wait for the transcript from Georgia to be released. I) he should have been able to demand it and 2) I was under the impression that all such calls are recorded, (as in the call to the Ukranian PM) so he should have had an audio of the conversation himself so could have produced his own transcript. Or have I got something wrong?

  3. I listened to the entire conversation i knew the left had twisted the conversation…Simple fact…IS THAT ALL THEY GOT? Dems have been doing good at a couple things…….they have grounds for nothing, they are desperate. they are good at digging holes and the truth will be their downfall…… forensic audit is coming….one single county in this entire country has the potential to be the beginning of the end of the mess the dems are making of this country

  4. Lookin a lot like mexico is not our friend…..all the money the fence jumpers send to their family's back back home is part of mexicos GNP……try and tell me mexico cant control who jumps the fence and i call bullshit. Without income from money fence jumpers send and drug sales mexico would be a 4th world country…

  5. Anything to make President Trump or repubs look bad is considered truth and there are NO journalists in msm. SHUT THEM DOWN, SUE THEM, JAIL THEM AND THEIR FAKE SOURCES WHO ARE LYING .. LIBEL AND SLANDER AND COMPLICIT BEHAVIOR!!

  6. Seriously I think DC should take them or Delaware. These states don’t want these illegals so take them to DC! How does a President force a state to accept criminals & frecking pay for it all. Yes they broke US Law by coming in without our permission!

  7. Corrupt politicians, beaurocrats, and the main stream media CEO's who are mostly elite leftists and socialist don't mind twisting the facts and publishing outright lies in order to maintain control and hold on to power while in office.

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