Poverty Program Excludes White Families; Minority Families Get $500/Month in Oakland | Facts Matter

The city of Oakland is trying a new Universal Basic Income program. The catch, is that to qualify, you cannot be white.

Meanwhile, the governor of Arkansas signed a new bill into law, that will ban biological males from participating in womenโ€™s sports. ALSO, a new report reveals that the Biden Administrationโ€™s plan to house migrants in hotel rooms will cost American taxpayers $72,000 per migrant.


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City Will Give Low-Income Families of Color $500 Per Month; White People Excluded | Facts Matter
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29 thoughts on “Poverty Program Excludes White Families; Minority Families Get $500/Month in Oakland | Facts Matter

  1. What's your opinion — is it reasonable to exclude white people from this funding? Will it help to correct historical wrongs? ๐Ÿค”
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  2. Roman, excluding whites from this program is definitely racist. There are programs out there for low poverty kids for college etc. and welfare programs as well. How you choose to use is your problem. Government has not done well on welfare program, it should of been reformed long time ago. Yesterday people use the system for life,same for there kids. I watch my husband sister kids do this. The young girls said they will have kids so, they wonโ€™t have to work and have them in years apart so it will last til there social security age. These people are using the system.

  3. You know when you say or do something right or say something truthfully when it gets erased immediately which happens to me a lot so Iโ€™m glad I pissed whoever algorithm or person moderating comments off lol which Iโ€™m referring to what I commented that never showed up obviously bwahahaha

  4. Biden: repels all of trump's work.
    Also Biden: has to reinstate trump's work. /but, claims credit for it.
    Leave it to a perverted old grandpa to want to let guys access to women's bathrooms and lockerrooms

  5. People like this guy makes his living on creating division and sowing discourse just to sell subscriptions and line his pockets. He could care less about any one of us out here in the real world no matter how white your skin pigmentation is. Prolifigating hate and mistrust is his MO under the guise of fairness and righteousness. Baiting us to feel like the victim is too easy for them when you aren't willing to spend a few minutes to find out the truth behind these antagonistic headlines that have been mangled and twisted.

  6. Reverse slavery…. the handout receivers are the new slave owners…. forcing people to work hard and not allowed to enjoy the full fruit of their labor but end up with much less, handing their labor unwillingly to others by force. I happily pay some taxes bcz I get to enjoy paved roads, emergency help, added safety from criminals foreign & domestic, and court services, and more. Those taxes may be taken by force but I approve of them. Some taxes I do not agree are helping this country overall but making it worse, but I don't agree with the people that say taxes are theft, bcz they all aren't theft, only some.

  7. A guaranteed income is only justified for those people that cannot work enough to survive bcz of handicaps they cannot overcome. Work should be required for those able, and creative solutions are available for those with handicaps. You can't really have a long term guaranteed income from donations. At any point people can decide to stop donating. Only government can force continued "donations" to a guaranteed income program.

  8. There is an old saying don't do the other cuz someone will do it to you put the shoe on the other foot black wouldn't like it if white people did it to them so white people make up your own program and do the same thing to the black see how they like it

  9. You know why, Thatโ€™s happening in Oakland? It is the home of The crackhead Kamala! As the white people might not needed it because white people normally work and earn their salaries!!! This racist issue

  10. If this happens in Oakland, then Kamala will make a lot of money by selling cracks!!!! Oakland is larger and bigger then DC because Oakland is the crack capital of the world!

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