Supreme Court Rejects Facebook Appeal in $15 Billion Lawsuit; Stimulus For Illegals | Facts Matter

The Supreme Court just rejected an appeal from Facebook – meaning that a class-action lawsuit against Facebook, which alleges that they were secretly tracking users on other websites, can now move forward.

Meanwhile, according to a new report, illegal immigrants in America will receive $4.3 Billion in Stimulus Checks.


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06:02 – Advocacy Journalism
09:25 – UFO Report
12:10 – Duckworth’s Diversity
14:56 – 13 States Sue Biden Admin
16:54 – Facebook Lawsuit
19:12 – Facebook’s Misinformation
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Supreme Court Rejects Facebook Appeal in $15 Billion Lawsuit; Stimulus For Illegals | Facts Matter
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34 thoughts on “Supreme Court Rejects Facebook Appeal in $15 Billion Lawsuit; Stimulus For Illegals | Facts Matter

  1. What's a bigger problem: that Facebook censors its users? Or that they were allegedly spying on their members' web activity?? πŸ€”
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  2. the 3 men that cut down my overgrown trees from Uganda/Nigeria and Kenya could get naught… no loans no stimulus NADA not all this vid says is true to ALL immigrants… illegals???maybe…but those here suffer like American's losing bennies to illegals

  3. Part of me wishes you wouldn't INFORM "Illegals" about the FACTS of all the FREEBIES … helping to ATTRACT even more. I get what you're doing and understand why you must, but it also seems like reporting such facts only makes what you say part of the magnet – especially as you're so "trustworthy" so they'll BELIEVE you and therefore MANY MORE MILLIONS will cross the border illegally.

  4. Why has you tube done this to you concerning running ads? Isn’t that calling the kettle black? What are you doing about this?concerning all the Facebook lawsuits, OMG!

  5. SUE the Marxist Facebook / destroy their stock. If you have stock in Facebook, you should get rid of it before it's too late. Let's speak out against Facebook!

  6. Military Personnel are homeless that could used the same Military Bases for up keeping mowing ground at all Bases. But being used by illegal immigrants the BIDEN administration doesn't care for Homeless Military.

  7. Those Senator ladies need to be removed from office because are prejudiced!!!!! That is a stupid reason to vote for Biden’s pick!!! They need to be removed now!!! Don’t vote for them!!!

  8. This is bull crap the illegal immigrant get stimulus money that is a slap in the face to all the unemployed citizens in this country who paid there taxes all there life ,Joe Biden and his whole administration needs to gone there are trying to con immigrant to be able to vote for the democratic party by buying there vote.

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