EXPOSED: Biden’s “visit” to this Philadelphia Wawa was ENTIRELY SCRIPTED down to the cashier’s “tip”

NPR CEO aims to erase “bad information” & replace it with “good information”, RESURFACED video shows

Biden favors “FREEDOM” over “Democracy” in BOTCHED speech…his handlers won’t be happy about this

Black Chicago residents TURN AGAINST Mayor Johnson over proposal to spend $70M more on “NEWCOMERS”

African Migrants COMPLAIN at NYC Town Hall over FREE FOOD And HOUSING

When you are an ABSOLUTE COWARD…

Pro-Palestine protestors BLOCK the road to O’Hare Airport in Chicago as the cops do NOTHING

Kamala delivers RAW muh democracy WORD SALAD as the shills listening to her pretend to give a sh*t

Traitor NOW supports FBI’s WARRANTLESS surveillance on U.S. citizens after “classified briefing”

Biden’s brain GIVES UP halfway through the salute

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson admits he WON’T be ENDORSING Joe Biden

Would you look at THAT ¯_(ツ)_/¯

Talk sh*t, get hit (with a lawsuit)

HAHAHA…”Sanctuary City” Mayor is scared SH*TLESS of visiting the Southern Border again

Hearing goes OFF THE RAILS when Hunter’s business partner calls Raskin & Goldman LIARS to their face

AOC has TOTAL MELTDOWN after Hunter’s business partner CONFIRMS he witnessed Biden committing crimes

Obama SPOTTED leaving Downing Street after unannounced PRIVATE meeting with British PM Rishi Sunak

POTATUS thinks Women’s History MONTH is only ONE day 💀

NOT A SINGLE Democrat witness in Congress agreed ONLY citizens should vote in Federal Elections

This is NOT a SNL skit…