I REFUSE to believe people want 4 MORE YEARS of this TRAINWRECK…

ABSOLUTE CHAOS as MTG, AOC & Crockett trade insults during AG Garland Contempt Hearing

NYC Mayor takes TAXPAYER-FUNDED VACATION to ITALY to fix the migrant crisis, housing & the economy!

Hillary Clinton compares Trump to infamous failed Austrian painter AGAIN

The CRINGE is so UNBEARABLE, I died, came back to life and died AGAIN while editing this

Disgraced former NY Governor Cuomo claims his MANDATES were all “VOLUNTARY” in RESURFACED video

Holy sh*t…would you look at THAT

Do NOT watch this…LETHAL dose of cringe ahead!

Star Wars’ Mark Hamill delivers DEVASTATING dose of cringe as he visits the White House

Robert De Niro compares Trump to the MUSTACHE MAN in DELUSIONAL rant


The Boeing curse strikes again


Man, to hell with these “experts”

Stephen A. Smith BACKPEDALS his positive comments about Trump: “My words were taken OUT OF CONTEXT”

Australian PM admits engaging with big tech to REMOVE MEMES mocking him in RESURFACED video

DECOMPOSING TURTLE claims people don’t want them sending BILLIONS to Ukraine cause of Tucker Carlson

What could possibly go WRONG?

Australian Senator claims the “community” wants Parliament to act and CENSOR church stabbing footage

Bro took a taxpayer-funded trip to Ukraine to show Zelensky how many shills voted to send him $60.8B