Texas CRACKS DOWN on Illegal Immigration

Texas moves toward deporting illegal immigrants, with the go-ahead of the Supreme Court; the House GOP holds the Biden White House to account over the disastrous Afghanistan pullout; and the media decide Donald Trump is…an anti-Semite.


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00:00 – Texas CRACKS DOWN On Illegal Immigration
6:01 – House GOP Hearing On Afghanistan
7:07 – Milley: I Don’t Know How Many Americans Were Left Behind
8:18 – Gen. Keane: Biden Bears Responsibility
9:32 – Afghanistan Veteran: Weak Leadership Leads To This
10:20 – Biden’s Economy
12:24 – Biden Advisor: LNG Pause Won’t Have Much Impact
13:50 – KJP: Biden Has Done Everything He Can To Deal With Oil
15:20 – The Targeting Of Trump
16:27 – Peter Navarro Speaks Before Reporting To Jail
19:15 – NYT Op-Ed: The Deep State Is Kind Of Awesome
22:10 – Stormy Daniels: I Took Trump’s Money So He Wouldn’t Have Me Killed
25:35 – Sarah Haines Grills Christine Blasey Ford
28:17 – Schumer Rips Trump’s ‘Utterly Disgusting’ Attack On Jewish Democrats
31:31 – Rabbi Blasts Trum
35:36 – Biden Spokesperson On Military Policy In Rafah
38:29 – Bibi Responds
39:01 – WSJ: The Dilemma Impeding A Cease-Fire
41:10 – Trump Endorses Ohio Candidate
44:04 – Trump On NATO
45:27 – Trump Suggests He Might Deport Prince Harry
46:05 – Outro
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