The 2-30 Commander Called Me, and so did his Wife…

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The 2-30 Infantry Battalion found itself in quite the Social Media Poop Storm; which resulted in my previous video. A video where I took soldiers’ accounts of their Command Sergeant Major and then critiqued his policy of negatively counseling soldiers for cold weather injuries. This led to the Commander calling me, followed by a call from his wife. Both were concerned I was being taken advantage of by a false narrative perpetuated by disgruntled soldiers. So I did what any sane man would do. I promised him I would dig deeper to verify if the information I had acquired was true or false. This is the result. Buckle up.

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27 thoughts on “The 2-30 Commander Called Me, and so did his Wife…

  1. I know barely anything about military but if that high ranking dude tries to deny medical can't you just ignore them? like especially when they are doing something so shitty? i'd imagine if everyone just ignored his orders and tried to do what ever is needed to make sure the guys don't lose their feet then it will be fine. i'm just an ignorant civilian but i don't think that high rank dude can do much other than bitch and moan then try to do shit through what ever channels.

  2. This CSM and BC sure went out of their way to intimidate someone and try to cover their own ass. Sounds like a Major I roasted over a conference call with the Dean of my college for being incompetent, lying about it, and trying to throw me under the bus for it.

  3. One of my sons was blown out of SF training for his feet getting fucked and going to the med center. His feet were open to the tendons…bare muscle and tendons in both feet.

  4. North ft polk OCT barracks def need to have an AAR when white cell soldiers are displaced at midnight when the RTU came out of the box. Compound that with a mystery nco that only wears pts asked me if I had seen anyone come through the barracks……RTU soldiers were squatting in OCT barracks……what kind of lack of accountability is going on.

  5. As a veteran who has to battle the VA for service connected disabilities, I can tell you that what the CSMG did by threatening Article 15, WILL negatively affect any claims by these soldiers.
    The FACT is that anything not in the medical records is not service connected.
    My heart breaks for these young people. They'll be reluctant to seek medical attention for anything in future, which will harm them.

  6. This mess has me wondering if the battalion commander has been promoted too quickly and for the wrong reasons. The actions of the CO and his "not my lane" wife have demonstrated their primary concern is covering his ass, not the welfare of his troops.

  7. Good for you calling this shit out. 
    I'm less surprised in the battalion commander, and way more surprised about the CSM. 
    Generally those guys squared away over years of real world knowledge.
    I'm guessing this guy somehow managed to slip through the cracks, and never see any real action, and wanted to pretend harder….

  8. “Hard!” I feel ya brother. We NCOs gotta take care of our Soldiers. Glad your still in the fight. I was on the trail for 3 years n lub’d every stinking miserable min of it.

  9. I had a Lt. Col. forge my signature on a performance eval on a subordinate. My rating was higher than he wanted. He forged a new one, and submitted it into the system, without my permission or knowledge. Three months later, the young Sergeant comes to me, and complains about how nasty and vicious the eval was. I was puzzled…the one I signed and provided to the Commander was not at all mean or nasty. I pushed it, hard, through the Inspector General, and I filed a Congressional. My Commander was allowed to retire, and I never. Got. Promoted. Again. I stayed at E-8 for seven years….when normally I would have been a shoo-in for E-9. In the Air Force, E-8 at 13 years is SMOKING..and that's what I was. I retired 26 years ago, and have gotten about half a million dollars in direct military retired pay…so there is that. Heh heh heh.

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