Trump Launches New Personal Website; Supreme Court Rules on Hillary Clinton | Facts Matter

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President Trump has launched a new, personal website, dedicated to preserving the legacy of his administration and to advance his agenda. Also, 2 days ago, the Supreme Court rejected a request which would’ve required Hillary Clinton to testify under oath regarding her use of a private email server.


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00:00 – Intro
01:11 – Clinton’s Emails
04:16 – Chinese Communist Speech
06:31 – CCP Infographic Video
08:02 – Trump’s New Website
10:06 – Passports
11:46 – New York’s Passport
12:46 – Passport Criticism
15:24 – AMAC
16:57 – South Dakota
17:50 – More Restrictions
18:23 – Campaign Funds
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Trump Launches New Personal Website; Supreme Court Rules on Hillary Clinton | Facts Matter
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43 thoughts on “Trump Launches New Personal Website; Supreme Court Rules on Hillary Clinton | Facts Matter

  1. Do you support more gun control measures in America, or less? Do you think it's hypocritical for lawmakers to use campaign funds on bodyguards while advancing gun control for the populace? 🤔
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  2. I would have thought that getting rid of police was for all not just the ones who can’t afford private security! Totally hypocritical and very Dems!

  3. We all need to vote against the passport for all of our good!!!! Listen to this lady!! She is right!!! We need to fight Communism!!!!

  4. More solid proof that even a blind man should see that somethings terribly wrong with our SCOTUS. I'm ashamed of them. They'll answer to God for the wicked things they've been doing lately as well as all the filth they've done in the past. It's really bad when even the highest court in the land refuses to do the right thing. There are some rotten apples up there big time.

  5. ㅡㆍ《Top trump 》world railway and world Road and Hi ~ Tech flant factory okay

    ㅡ《Trump》 world leader 100% 감독권한
    부여 /(american ㆍrussia )

    ㅡ《xijinping》/(asia .africa ) ㆍflant fsctory

    ㅡㆍ《 abe》/(Eu ) flant factory

    ㅡ 《여름날짜》까지 《공개오픈》 ㅡokay

  6. 30day 부정선거사범들 뿌리체제거작업 돌입한다ㆍ체포구속ㆍ수사ㆍ법원의 판사들도 옥살이로 갑니다 다잡아들입니다 직무유기죄이다

  7. ㅡㆍㅡㆍ《Top trump 》world railway and world Road and Hi ~ Tech flant factory okay

    ㅡ《Trump》 world leader 100% 감독권한
    부여 /(american ㆍrussia )

    ㅡ《xijinping》/(asia .africa ) ㆍflant fsctory

    ㅡㆍ《 abe》/(Eu ) flant factory

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  8. NY governor needs to be removed and all the people that died in nursing homes because of him he needs to be held accountable. He needs to be held accountable for all the people that have come forward about his I can do what I want attitude. Is pushing the shots on many when we have no safety data on the shots is unconscionable. It’s no surprise that people are leaving the state of New York in droves to go to someplace like Florida where they actually respect your rights.

  9. Other English speaking nations will withdraw from the Covid fiasco hoax setup for sheep that owns coroners and police pathologists that hide when atomic microscope pictures are talked about. Mention everything apart from the pixels. Did you find out about how come there are no roll outs in China?

  10. Wow ! we have to show we been vaccinated but illegal's can come to USA so we can support them and nothing has to be shown. Just come in Biden said! idiot!! Now everything you buy it comes from CHINA, I never looked at where things were made but now I pay more attention where things are coming from. I was surprise that most things you need are been made in CHINA ? now i don't buy anything that says MADE IN CHINA.

  11. I guess it's time to cancel and abolish the Supreme Court they do not believe in Justice they do not make rulings on Election fraud or politicians who are doing highly illegal and National Security issues they are bad get them out of here

  12. The damage to our country will last for generations. If the CCP continues its strangle hold on the corrupt politicians as well as our education, big tech, and Hollowood, then the damage may be permanent. Sadly our youth can’t see past their liberal rose colored glasses. They’ve learned to not trust one another but give full trust to the government. Dangerous ignorance.

  13. Are supreme court justices do not seem to care much about their job about the people that they work for they’ve all been come promise or paid off it’s a sad day for the US

  14. Unfortunately our National Security based on your report has been in compromised. started when then Vice Pres Biden of Obama and his son Hunter (discovered thru his own laptop) were on Chinas payroll and Ukraine Burisma corruption scandal .

  15. Hillary Clinton might own the server but she was working & getting paid by the tax payers so the information on her server belongs to the Citizens of the USA

  16. Commanding the ppl of NY to get a shot to not wear a mask is called black mailing. Black mailing is not in the constitution; either is forcing people to wear masks that everybody knows don’t work to stop covid; i’ve never seen such ignorance being promoted when it comes to masks & remedies for Covid and all the rest of it. You cannot force people to wear a mask and you certainly don’t need a shot to not wear one it was shot down by the Supreme Court in Wisconsin and so is the mask mandate it’s illegal to force people to wear a mask so if you think a mask will protect you then go ahead and wear it but don’t make everybody else wear one or think that a vaccine or mask will stop this Covid there’s been no medical evidence to prove either one stops covid. What is the future for all the ppl who were given a vaccine during a mess pandemic? according to Dr. Vande Bosche looks like it could lead to hell on earth.

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