TYRANNY, MASKS, & WALZ! – COVID lockdown, mask law, emergency powers. MN SENATOR MARK KORAN responds

LUMBERJACK LOGIC – Governor Tim Walz has stated at his press briefing that he wants a MN mask law instead of a mandate. Walz has also said Minnesota high school hockey players need to wear masks because of Covid even though parents have asked for common sense to prevail. Mark Koran discusses these issues and many others during the Minnesota legislature’s 2021 session. We are constantly told about the science yet Walz does not communicate well with the MN Legislature on the issues and Walz certainly doesn’t care about the people in the land of rocks and cows as he so famously put it. Many in MN are getting the China Coronavirus vaccination but that doesn’t appear to be enough for Dr. Fauci, so it probably won’t be enough for Walz who is loathe to give up his Emergency Powers. Both testing and death rates for the Coronavirus are not appreciably higher in the border states that have chosen to not have Covid lockdowns. As a result of this live testing of the effectiveness of masks to fight Covid 19 when will Walz back off? Mark Koran breaks all this down on this special edition of Lumberjack Logic from St. Paul, MN – Minnesota’s Capitol. Those of us in the land of rocks and cows are eager to hear.


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