YouTube Takes Down New Trump Interview; Anti-White Racism At American Schools | Facts Matter

YouTube took down a newly recorded interview with President Trump, claiming it went against their “community guidelines.”

In Massachusetts, an employee at Smith College published an open letter, where she exposed the schoolโ€™s racism towards white people. Meanwhile, in Montana, lawmakers are working to get Antifa designated as a domestic terror organization.


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YouTube Takes Down New Trump Interview; Anti-White Racism At American Schools | Facts Matter
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23 thoughts on “YouTube Takes Down New Trump Interview; Anti-White Racism At American Schools | Facts Matter

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  2. We have the God-given right to LIFE, Liberty and the pursuit of happiness! LIFE! What part donโ€™t they understand? The fetus is LIVING; it IS A LIFE. If you say it isnโ€™t living, then you have nothing to worry about!

  3. Thank you S Carolina! We need to make the right to life just the same as the right to life, liberty and pursuit of happiness. I canโ€™t see how any American can see it that any other way, except if they are personally benefiting from it.

  4. Ideas don't burn cities kill people and attack anyone that happens along. They are an organzaion funded by George Soros a multi billionare that funds others to cause probems for citzens. He is funded by the world banking organazation and they get their money from the interest they collect paid by the US citizens in the form of taxes. So basically We the People are paing for antifa as well as other terroist to attack our cities and us to help EVIL to take over our government.

  5. As far as women go, they get pregnant, thatโ€™s another human being, as soon as that woman kills that human being, she is a murderer and should be prosecuted as such

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