20K Kids Cross Border; Costing Taxpayers $60M/ Month to House Them | Facts Matter

Foster parents in California are receiving automated emails and phone calls, asking whether they can house between 1 and 26 (or more) Central American migrant children.


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Migrant Children From Central America Being Pushed Into Foster Care System
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21 thoughts on “20K Kids Cross Border; Costing Taxpayers $60M/ Month to House Them | Facts Matter

  1. This should open people's eyes that this Administration does not care about the Citizens of the USA. They want we the people to keep fighting this fake race war while they bring in all these future Dem voters.

  2. Would the Chinese pay the Cartels to move people to overwhelm and destabilise. Wars in the middle east and Eastern Europe were used to drive millions of refugees into the EU, which fractured politics and led to the polarisation and conflict that led to Brexit. If this leads to Texit do we assume coincidence or a repeat of proven asymmetric warfare? (proven in that divide and conquer has been the US and European gamelan for 800 years, looks like the opposition learned our game 😳)

  3. This is CRAZY! It doesn't matter what TERM you use to identify them (undocumented non-citizen, migrant, cute fluffy bunny person who speaks ONLY with a Latino/a accent, illegal alien, consuming mouth on two legs, public assistance recipient, welfare beneficiary, what-EVer!) THERE ARE TOO FRIGGING MANY OF THEM!! AND WE SHOULD NOT HAVE TO PAY FOR ALL OF THEM!!)

    Yes, I love all people, but DO I have to PAY FOR ALL OF THEM!! ?? this is just wrong!!

  4. Somebody’s daughter in the future gonna get pregnant with them and they’ll have single mother parent and mixed one parent grandchildren. And let them be liberals. Protect and educate your own children yourself. We lost the current battle. Protect your future, fighting back 20 years later need your kids

  5. The Biden admin instigates the illegals over the boarder! Something dark is going on. No way should US foster homes care fir the illegal kids.

  6. Where are desperate and vulnerable American children supposed to go now that Biden prioritizes the needs of foreign nationals? Perhaps American kids can sneak into Canada for help. Also, it looks like all the foreign aid we send to Central America isn't helping their people. May as well turn off the spigot.

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