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Arizona Senate Responds To DOJ Inquiry Regarding The Audit: Thanks, But No Thanks For Your Concern

NY Appellate Court Threatens Mother’s Custody Of Her Child Over Confederate Symbol In Her Driveway

Antrim County Election Management System, RTR Application Purposely Subverted To Ignore Manipulation

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Nancy Pelosi’s Archbishop To Pro-Abortion Public Figures: Don’t Come Forward For Holy Communion

Tennessee Bill Requires Watermark On Absentee Ballots As Florida, Kansas Pass Election Bills As Well

Feds Obtained “Covert Warrant” For Giuliani’s iCloud, Refused Evidence On Hunter Biden During Raid

Democrats Gain Access To Audit Floor In Arizona, Call On Justice Department To Send Federal Monitors

Trump: Would “100%” Run Again In 2024, Eyes DeSantis As Running Mate As MAGA Rallies Set To Restart

FBI Raids Manhattan Apartment Of Rudy Giuliani, Confiscates Cell Phones, Laptops, Etc.

Trump Calls On AZ Gov. To Provide Security For Auditors, Says Democrats Sent 73 Lawyers to Arizona

Florida Bill Will Allow College Students To Record Professors As Evidence of Political Bias And More

Maricopa County Audit Set To Begin Today In AZ As Democrats Continue Attempts to Stop The Process

Taxpayer Funded Vaccination Provider In Washington Forcing Whites Onto Impossible “Standby List”

Candace Owens Has Advice For Parents On How To Fight Back Against Leftist Agenda In Schools

Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer Admits She Has Been Weakened By Republican Push-Back

Covert Operation Of U.S. Postal Service Targets Conservative Gatherings, American Social Media Posts

Impeachment Inquiry Of Governor Andrew Cuomo Presses Forward As Impeachment Commission Meets Today

Maricopa County Forensic Audit, Hand Recount To Begin Friday, Will Be Live-Streamed By OANN

Apple Is Allowing Parler Back On Its App Store, But At What Cost?

Marjorie Taylor Greene Will Attempt To Expel Maxine Waters From Congress After Incitement Rhetoric

FDA Purchased Aborted Baby Parts To “Humanize Mice” As Biden HHS Reinstates Taxpayer Funded Research

North Carolina Launches F.A.C.T.S. Task Force To Fight Leftist Indoctrination In Schools

Pfizer CEO Says COVID “Booster Shots”, Annual Re-Vaccinations Likely

Twitter Permanently Suspends Project Veritas, James O’Keefe To File Suit On Monday

Democrats To Introduce Bill Adding Four SCOTUS Justices, GOP Counters With Constitutional Amendment

Governors Newsom, Evers Forced To Lift Certain COVID Restrictions As Indiana Holds “Bible Marathon”

Part 2: CNN, Democrats Exposed Using COVID-19 Death Tolls For Ratings, Telling Reporters What To Say

CNN, Democrats Exposed Plotting Against Trump, Matt Gaetz As House Margin Shrinks To Exciting Levels

Pentagon Develops “COVID Chip” To Detect Virus From Under The Skin, Dialysis To Remove It From Blood

MI Court Documents Reveal Expert Has Uncovered A 6th Degree Polynomial Algorithm Used In Key States

CA City Fences Up Restaurant For COVID Violations, St. Lukes Fitness Denies Service To Unvaccinated

Judge Orders Undercover Planned Parenthood Recordings Permanently Sealed, Turned Over To Court

Nike Announces Settlement Over “Satan Shoes”, Which Will Be Recalled For A Full Refund To Customers

Biden’s Executive Orders On Gun Control: Question On Pistol Braces Already Answered By DOJ In 2014

Gov. Abbott Says Biden Admin “Presiding Over The Abuse Of Children” Amid Migrant Sex Assault Claims

NYS Passes $212B Budget With $1.1B More For Illegals Than Businesses, Cuomo Aid Gives More Details

Arizona, Wyoming, Washington, Kentucky Pass New Election Laws As Georgia Scraps COVID Restrictions

Media Loses Count On Latest Cuomo Accuser, Andrew Giuliani Considering Run For NY Governor Next Year

Soros’ Foundation Thrusting $20M Into Biden Infrastructure Plan, China Kidnapping Christians

$600K Wuhan Grant On How To Make Bat-Based Coronaviruses “More Contagious” Bypassed Fed Oversight

Trump Policy Advisor Stephen Miller Launches ‘America First Legal’ To Resist Radical Left Agenda

Arkansas Overrides Veto On Bill Banning Mutilation Of Genitals, Hormone Treatments For Minors

Texas Follows Suit To Ban Vaccine Passports As White House Back-Tracks, 60 Minutes Hit Story Exposed

YouTube Has Removed Over 2.5 Million “Dislikes” From Official White House Channel Joe Biden Videos