HERE WE GO: Mystery Pneumonia From China Hits US, Meets Definition Of “Outbreak” Ahead Of 2024

Fraudulent AZ Attorney General Indicts Cochise Co Supervisors For Wanting To Hand Count 2022 Results

Massive Announcement From The Werff Report

Trump Filing Links SolarWinds Hack To Elections, Malicious Code Inserted Into Software Builds

NY Court Rules State Can Take People From Their Homes To Quarantine Without Notice For Any Virus

YouTube Removes Our Segment On OBGYN’s Congressional Testimony Labeling It “Medical Misinformation”

Elise Stefanik Files Firey Ethics Complaint Against Judge Engoron In Defense Of President Trump

Senator Blackburn Files Subpoenas For Jeffrey Epstein Flight Logs, “Everyone That Was On That Plane”

Democrats Gain Control Of Virginia Legislature, PA Voting Machines Flip Votes In Superior Court Race

White House, National Archives Refusing To Hand Over, Slow Walking Production Of Joe Biden Documents

General Flynn Says House, Senate Members Compromised And Sleep With Children On Overseas Trips

Trump To Present Classified Evidence Of Foreign Influence In 2016 and 2020 At J6 Trial

Over 40 FBI Informants Reported Criminal Activity Of Bidens, Shot Down As “Foreign Disinformation”

Republicans Appear To Be Uniting Behind New Trump-Aligned Speaker, Could Be Elected This Afternoon

Likely Speaker Was Spokesman For Soros Effort To Eliminate Electoral College, Biden Check Damning

At Least 13 of 22 RINOS Against Jordan, Including Scalise, Connected To FTX And Donor Mule Scandal

Lobbyists “Literally Walking Around Cutting Deals” With RINOS To Stop Jordan From Becoming Speaker

RINOS Reportedly Working To Give Back Control To House Democrats To Block Jim Jordan

Steve Scalise Drops Out Of House Speaker Race, Jim Jordan To Resume Bid

House Speaker Vote Proves Most Republicans Must Be Ousted, Swamp Is Wide And Deep