Pfizer, Moderna Lobbying Group Funded Content Moderation Campaign Against Online Critics

Jim Jordan To Chair Select Committee On Weaponization Of Government, MTG Appears To Flip On Fox

Maricopa Admits Election Day Printer Settings Changed, Bolsonaro Elevates Military Over High Court

Elon Musk Walks Into Own Trap, May Step Down At Twitter As Judge Allows Kari Lake Ballot Inspection

SCOTUS Lawsuit Could Upend 2020 Election, Ballot Printing Companies Run By Democratic Donors

Conservatives in Brazil Call For International Investigation Into Recent Election, GOP In US Silent

Arizona's Cochise County Forced To Certify Election, Trump Special Master Thrown Out

Media Showed MI Election Results Before Arriving At Clerk's Office, Voter Info Changed In System

AZ, PA Counties Delay Certification, Mike Lindell To Run Against Ronna McDaniel For Republican Chair

Maricopa Responds To Attorney General's Office, Will Force Certification Of Midterm Results Today

Happy Thanksgiving, See you Monday!

AZ Patriots Will Protest Election Results Friday As Results Show Republicans Dominated Down Ballot

PA Ballots, V-Drives Detoured To Closed Building For Six Hours On Election Night With No Observers

Trump Officially Announces 2024 Presidential Bid From Mar-A-Lago, Says GOP Now Has Control Of House

Hobbs Declared Governor Of Arizona, Trump To Make Historic Announcement At 9PM

Video Shows Electronic Poll Books Jumping Number Of Voters Checked In As Polls Closed

Sheriffs Perch On Rooftop Of Maricopa Tabulation Center, Hobbs Caught On Camera In Counting Room

LA Co Drops Charges Against Konnech CEO In Political Stunt, GOP Projected To Win 222 House Seats

650K More Ballots To Count In Arizona, Werff Catches Lee Zeldin Losing Votes

GOP Creeping Toward Majority In US House As Results Continue To Trickle In Amid Counting Delays