Wanted: Wisconsin Man Allegedly Kills Family Then Sets Barn on Fire During Police Shootout

He was a boy, She was a girl…..

Raising Hope needs to be canceled haha

Never forget

2nd one for sure

Liberal Moderators Censoring

Why is it so popular for redditors to attempt to associate the republican party with racial extremism and violence, especially in a historical context?

Says Ayden, Brayden, Jayden and Ashleigh.

The economy… it’s working!

I know 3 men that came back from Ukraine. “When the Russians pushed, we fled, every fuckin time”

Why is it that only people on the right get accused of using dog whistles?

“The Regulatory Power to Destroy – Decker College” I’m just gonna leave this here. 1,000 employees laid off without notice or severance. Thousands of students left hanging. And nobody responsible ever even got a slap on the wrist. Would make a great video topic.

These over the top gender reveals smh

Leftys gonna lefty

Remember it’s (D)ifferent if your a democratic

The mindset of normie reddit debate-me-bros

Thought you guys might like this…

Resistance ISN’T futile

The choice is yours