Just Say No To Paint Chips

Medical oddities

Thanks General for following the Constitution and not letting a crazy man blow up the world

Found posted on fb. Gawd I love merica

This person shouldn’t be taken seriously. Ever.

Aww, thoughts and prayers

The Glory Of MAGA Math

The Word You’re Thinking Of…

Ya never know

Fixed It.

Welcome to Texas, One star yelp rating state.

“pro life”

Stop Y’all Qaeda

Notice any difference?


Meet the men of Texas

15 days shy of RBG being gone a year. This cartoonist was more on point than we wanted to believe.

I am so ashamed of my home state.

But hey those leopards I voted for won’t eat my face amirite?

“mAkE aMeRiCa GrEat!”

Shame on you Texas.

This may be the source of the problems in some States.

MAGA “research”

You can’t own more than six dildos in Texas

Future doesn’t look too “bright”…

New Law — Sue Any AntiVaxxer, Anti-Masker, or COVID-Denier for $10K

TicTok strikes again! Don’t forget about Ted Cruz’s wife!

No wire hangers. Ever.

Florida Chinese Restaurant Lunch Offer

Texas is a lot like an onion.

Candace Owens goes full-Karen mode

What a nice pro-life website. It would be a shame if Redditors made fake tips

Anyone else play this in the 90’s?

Fixed it …

A hundred years from


Tsk Tsk Tsk… you should know better Elon

Operation clusterf*ck

Prove me wrong

Hunter Biden at the store

I never get tired of seeing these

An incredible waste of life.

Didn’t age well

Still crazy though..

Gallows Humor

Fact Check: True


The light at the end of the tunnel.

Me Walking Into Walmart.