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Jonni speaks the truth!

FOX NEWS slogan “Most Watched, Most Trusted” …and yet they still keep f’n up like this and getting caught! 😂

Nah, 300 million people would rather risk going to prison and cheat.

“But I don’t wanna pay for other people’s health!”

Why No Arrests?

“I May Not Agree With Matt Gaetz, But…

I Can’t Believe I have to….

GQP is mad at Biden for being ‘unpresidential’.


Out of sight… out of your damn mind!

Sounds about right



But did she remember her lunchbox?

Should’ve drank pee

Executive Summary

“I can’t hear you! I can’t see you! Goodbye.”

Hot Air between a Democrat and a Republican

The rest of the truck looks the same. Democrats, why don’t you have a Joe Biden truck?

Let The Cannibalism Begin

Desantis, we are pro life so we will do absolutely nothing about covid

The current state of conservative media

How is this motherfucker not in jail yet?

Unions > “Right to Work”

Bet Jesus created these

*good life by kanye west*

This pandemic will never end

Trumpers lately:

You’re Right, Lauren, They Warned Us

It’s funny because it’s true

This is crazy stuff

Have you seen him? His state is worried.

No Princess!!!

Dumb people always ruin the story

Just eating dominos in the break room probably.

They aren’t even trying to hide it anymore, are they?


Sick burn

Had a conversation with an old friend last night.

At least it won’t have to be translated by Fisher-Price…

Related to the US, but could also apply to many other countries…

2 / 4

He’s sweating bullets now

when i find out someone is a trump supporter

When you have the IQ of a papaya

You are going down clown

Why use many word, when few word do trick.

Yes… yes it will

Redneck Rationale