Florida Village’s gang enroute to protect Trump.

Antifa Orders it’s Members to Prepare for the Big Event

Ironic no?

Reicht Wingers went from “He is not going to jail, this is political theater” to “SeNdInG HiM tO jAiL WiLl MaKe HiM PrEsiDeNt NoW”

I see a new career in her future…prison haircuts

MAGA Prayer

yeah, cry more

Looking ahead to Wednesday morning

Utterly pathetic.

You sure about that Mikey?

Uncle Don WANTS YOU! Join the anti-American legion

Is Ron Desantis a homophobic cross-dressing racist? I’m just asking questions…

One is a group of depraved men hellbent on indoctrinating your children. The other are drag queens.

Some of those speeches were rough.

It was designed to evolve.

Pete Buttigieg is the real life Jack Ryan

It do be like that (oc)

If at first you don’t deceive…

GOP leader declines possible future job due to current imaginary job

Just found out myself