I know this isn’t all English but the important thing is still understandable: This is a comedy video about Flat Earthers and apparently YouTube is now fact checking/ giving you information about controversial topics like this. Clown world!

British military humour.

Tell me I’m pretty

You Laugh You Lose challenge plus cringe for Zed :)

Don’t laugh.


They aren’t funny

Proof you’re not racist. 😂

Thats a fact check true.

Please Fact Check

Schumer says you’re a retard

Scissors go snippy

Says it all!

Satin worshiper


Dark humor is the best!

Facts matter

Fact check true


“White Women Are A Danger to Black Men” reaction

Seems backwards


I won’t hurt you

Tom Hanks Is Cancelled

Racist World!!!

Nothing to see here…

Joey just can’t help himself

(Or fish)

Biden will stand up to Winnie

I am the Senate

The resemblance is uncanny


Something seems wrong…

Putting her foot in her mouth once again.


President Sippy Cup gets lost, again

My body, my choice

🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️ The insanity


Conservatives are on the Right side of history.