Quick Review of AZ Chamber Event

YouTube actually operated in good faith for once and restored one of our banned videos

Charlie Kirk Speech Highlight

End the bureaucracy, not just curtail it.

Review of the United and Win event

Approved Credentials for tomorrow's event and game plan for coverage

The corporate press aka establishment propaganda wing has conceded to Kari winning the Primary

Blake Masters Wins the Republican Nomination

Kari Lake Wins against Karrin Robson in the Republican race for Arizona Governor

Kari is now up .3%

Blake Masters claims the nomination

Less than an hour to go vote

Abraham Hamadeh for Arizona Attorney General Interview

Arizona Gubernatorial Candidate Kari Lake Interview

Live Outside The Ballot Box At The County Recorders Office

Ran into Brick Suit at the Rally

Kari Lake speaking now

Abraham Hamadeh just spoke who's running for Arizona Attorney General

Ric Grenell and Kash Patel speaking now