Fake Fallen Soldier Video pisses off Angry Veteran

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Clout Chasers are everywhere on the internet, soaking up views from the poor idiots that buy their specific brand of B.S. Today is no different, and the Dum Dums in this video really step in it. A Youtube & Facebook Magician/ entertainer “JiBrezy” has made a number of cringe videos but none so ridiculous as one where he and some friends pretend to be soldiers, who are informing a widow of her now deceased husband. It would be far less offensive if was done with any sort of acting skill, but it’s not. I tear apart this terrible tear jerker and touch on two other trash videos. Let’s get angry together.

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46 thoughts on “Fake Fallen Soldier Video pisses off Angry Veteran

  1. I am so discussed with that video there is nothing more heart breaking that that situation I know because I was that girl but not on a video but in reality I can't believe someone could be so disrespect full to post that there is no where those people belong except he'll how dare they

  2. this ism a total failure at making an anti war video. The uniforms were similar to one I war in 1969. Black liberation Army ,Nation of new Africa, new Black Panthers also wear similar COSTUMES! Look like college punks to me.

  3. Bunch a dumb asses. How did he die in your arms???? Were you carrying him around? Pretty sure a head shot is instant death 99.9% of the time. Especially if your the one who shot the pink mist.

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