Pelosi’s Democrat Margin Shrinks to Only 6 as Republican Representative Sworn In | Facts Matter

President Trump has been fairly active recently — issuing 4 political endorsements, as well as giving his opinion on the future of Congress and the White House.


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26 thoughts on “Pelosi’s Democrat Margin Shrinks to Only 6 as Republican Representative Sworn In | Facts Matter

  1. I don't agree the troops returning September 11th.
    2022, so close and yet so far!
    It's not a UFO, it's the starship Enterprise!
    You can't argue with math: add too much and you get nothing!

  2. If this past election isn't overturned, will there be anything left of America? When Biden & the Deplorable Dems get done with their agenda, will it matter anymore?

  3. Invest in becoming self sufficient
    Because gold and silver can be stolen from US easily like the government has done this before. Look in to President Franklin Delano Roosevelt's 1933 executive order outlawing the private ownership of gold in the United States was arguably unconstitutional. They did this though so invest in knowledge and Sovereignty

  4. Right now there is no republican or democrat???? that seems qualified for president. They may be old enough but they are too much like sheep to make a good president.

  5. If they find a few hundred thousand illegal votes for Ziden, why can’t they overturn this election?!?
    We ALL know this was the biggest election fraud in American history

  6. Actually what happens is companies that only want to pay slave wages to their employees and not a living wage shuts down operations. So that instead of a total consolidation of profits go from 200 billion per year to a poultry 199 billion and 80 thousand. and lord knows they'll go under if they can't make you understand this… besides then they can't pay their CEO that 21 million pay check he most desperately needs. He would have to sell one of his ten yachts or maybe loose his summer home in Switzerland and you know we can't have that or he just might Quit.

     The Kroger  Co.  reported total CEO compensation of US $21m for the year from  February 2020.Jan 11, 2021 
    The estimated Net  of W Rodney Mcmullen CEO of The Kroger Co. is at least $136 Million dollars as of 23 June 2020.
    So in essence all he would have had to do was cut out ONE of his exuberant pay checks. and cephem off the measly little $136 million he has stashed away. Na lets un employ hundreds of workers instead. Yet thanks to the extra pay from the Governments hero act bill they probably make more now on unemployment than they made at Kroger anyways.
    You keep pushing the myth…. wonder how much these wealthy companies pay to have this lie taught in economics class at Harvard or Yale.

  7. Great news to hear that Pelosi's majority shrunk in the house of representatives.
    Well I have more good news it was just officially announced today that California has lost another seat in the house due to the results of the last census.
    As a result of people leaving this stinky, dirty, homelessness infested, crime infested state in droves.

  8. POTUS 45 is Still the President
    of the US for the rest of the Free World .
    We love you, Every Patriotic Channel, and pray for the return of the Awesome DJT to the centrestage of American public life.
    Following from India.

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