After mass shootings Pasty Chicago liberals are so afraid they've ditched the whole wokity woke act.

Sistah waitress points gun at complaining customer's head & threatens to blow his brains out.

Philadelphia bans traffic stops for minor offenses after deeming them racist towards Blakistan.

Angry granny has harsh words for Mass Shooters who gunned down her granddaughter.

Cali man is beaten to death for trying to run over partygoers after being bounce from club.

An aspiring female boxer killed by random thug days after her first fight.

Pasty liberal couple gets chased out of Chicago after violent attack by teen leaves husband wounded.

Outrage after Machete wielding man moves into Liberal enclave and reigns terror on its residents.

Pasty Liberals start ugly Twitter war with conservatives over Texas school shooters race.

Outrage after a Rapper gets smoked by white man in Oregon for hollering at his girl in front of him.

Young, popular barber on his way to owning own shop is killed and no his parents want answers.

Interracial Bonnie & Clyde slaughter an entire family over misunderstanding.

Hero teen is killed while confronting thug who took convenience store staff hostage during robbery.

NFL prospect gunned down in front of 100's at party, shooter still on the loose & woke ESPN silent.

Jay- Z attacks the Kansas City police department but ignores out of control murder in Blakistan.

Delusional mom blames cops when son dies in car crash fleeing scene of Marijuana dispensary robbery.

3 months ago a black scientist disappeared mysteriously with a shady Becky & no one cared until now.

Swagged out city councilman goes crazy on Louisville leaders after thugs spray students at bus stop.

Attracted by new basketball court, violent thugs turn a quiet, safe community into a war zone.

A sneaky thug lures a Sistah via a dating app to kill her 4 her car after getting stranded in Vegas.

Brazen murder was Chicago youth football team's 15th player lost to gun violence in last 2 years.

Outrage after Goon kills a beloved Los Angeles Couple in broad daylight over a parking space.

Teenz are now violently destroying their schools for the Devious Licks Tik Tok challenge.

Sassy LA teen Sistah gets body slammed by school cop sparking racially charged protests.

A full grown Man is caught on camera playing the teen pastime aka The Knockout Game on Chicago CTA.

Son Gets Killed At His Dad's Funeral During Argument With Family Friend Over Money.

The moment a family is viciously attacked by carjackers while leaving a trendy Atlanta restaurant.

Former NFL standout Brandon Short pregnant daughter is brutally executed in an alley in Pa.

Instagram personality is mysteriously gunned down at house party upscale suburban neighborhood.

Chicago Mayor Lightfoot pushes Bill that allows city to sue Thugs for Mass Shootings & carjackings.

Chicago woman is violently carjacked by thug while on first date with a pasty Liberal.

Pregnant mother of 3 gets smoked leaving her own baby shower by jealous ex-boyfriend.

Angry mayor puts his Chocolate City on lock down with curfew after horrific Mass Shooting by thugs.

A Super Sexy Sistah randomly gets a noodle knocked out of her head in broad daylight. WTF??

A Baltimore woman is getting troubled teenz to do the unthinkable.

Legendary Milwaukee entrepreneur is gunned down outside of his business where he mentored teenz.

Good Samaritan's family massacred by homeless friend he took in to help get on his feet.

Insane politician rants about how he can fix the Baltimore Public Schools and it's failing teenz.

Violent carjackings & robberies force iconic Chicago eatery to close early for customer safety.

Security cameras catch super sneaky Hood hitman stalking & killing his victim in broad daylight.

NAACP leader blames city's rising gun violence on teenz after 3 year old NC boy killed by "Cowboys".

This Sistah's bail out criminals fund backfires when thug immediately kills a man upon release.

Crazy Chicago Liberals propose hilarious solutions for the violent teen demons terrorizing the city.

After robbing 10 people in one apartment complex thugs finally run into a guy with a gun and…

Thugs catch attitude then shoot up car with pregnant mom & newborn after near accident they caused.

Mercedes Morr's father reveals some shocking things that may give insight into what happened to her.

Senator demands apology after cops pull wife over for erratic driving & charge her with DUI.

Social media post leads to arrest of Goon who smoked youth BB coach b/c he blocked his lane switch.

After 9 yr old killed by stray & violence in rich areas 2 white women leaders propose dumb solution.

After dining at nice restaurant thug carjacks Uber driver with stun gun to get home.