Black women, stop hating on Caitlin & start worrying about your violent, dysfunctional communities.

Black AC mayor knocks out his teen daughter bc she was dating a thug.

Baltimore’s DEI mayor is about to get his city scammed out of millions.

A 14-year-old white kid named Robert Dean Maher was killed in a Wyoming Mall by some Black teens.

Rising Black community crime & violence is officially on the ballot.

DEI Mammy judge gives hoodlum who gunned down innocent woman a break bc he’s the real victim.

He flew into town and killed 4 people and would’ve gotten away with it if he hadn’t done this.

Now “Men” are throwing fire on white women in NYC instead of just punching them.

NCAA destroyed 4 embarrassing racist slurs hoax by University of Utah Women’s Bball team in Idaho.

Candace Owens runs back to the blck community after getting fired, ISIS Mass shooting Moscow.

A Chicago cop caught on camera unleashing a disturbing racist tirade against Black men.

Gavin McInnes tricks blue-hired, woke liberal into admitting that she doesn’t like Black people.

Blacks are killing Blacks at an alarming rate, NYC subway, Phat Geez, Kyle Rittenhouse.

Violent white gang terrorized this east coast state until the local business community did this.

Black people can’t be racist, except on Tik Tok, X & IG.

Beloved 24-year-old rapper gets gunned down by a 13-year-old demon.

Alaska is turning into a Diverse, Inclusive, Equitable, Ghetto Hot Mess.

Black Wall Street Journal reporter gets beat up by cops for no reason at all .

A group of white guys tried to patrol their crime ridden neighborhood and quickly FAFO.

The 2 biggest, most ratchetest stories from Black History Month 2024 that no one is talking about.